On Abundance

It seems like a contradiction, but having an abundant mindset is essential for living a minimalist lifestyle.

The reason why most people buy and keep too much stuff is because they’re scared.

They’re afraid that if they don’t buy something they’re missing out, and if they throw something away there won’t be a chance to have it again.

They have a mindset based on scarcity so they take whatever they can, and they hoard money or clothes or whatever they have in case it runs out, or in case they need it in the future.

But if you thought that there was plenty to go around, you wouldn’t mind having only what you actually needed, because you know you could always get more if you had to.

Which leads us to a beautiful paradox—in order to be comfortable with living with less, you have to believe that the world is full of abundance.

You can always earn more money, buy more furniture, or replace winter sweaters. Be generous with what you have. There will always be more. If you don’t need it, it’s okay to let it go.

2 thoughts on “On Abundance

  1. Daikuro Post author

    Also, you have to remember yourself as a spirit – unattached to this world yet connected to everything around it at the same time. This is enough for me to remember and be filled with generosity.

  2. Josh Post author

    This is something I have been working on lately, the abundance mindset. My father’s new girlfriend watches no TV, is genuine, and always keep herself busy. I find I get into these overwhelmed mindsets, not sure what to do so I do nothing. It’s quite the pity since I have so many passions.
    There is this book, never read but I had the premise explained to me… we have this resistance that stops us from doing what we want. And, we will be fighting this battle everyday for the rest of our lives. I find that is comforting to accept. You cannot always rely solely on feelings, sometimes you have to act and have faith.
    I am still a work-in-progress in some ways, this is that one way!


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