A bell for mindfulness


Just outside my window, a beautiful clock tower chimes softly every hour.

To me, it’s a bell for mindfulness. A reminder that time is passing, and that I should not waste a moment of it.

The things that seem like a big deal now, one day I shall forget about them, and realise the things that really do matter.

In the end, it’s the things that have done that I want to remember, instead of regretting that which I haven’t. It’s the things that I do have, and the people that I do love that my world is made of, not what could have, should have or might have been.

As each day begins, the sun rises over the tower and as each day ends it sets behind it. The hands on the clock turn regularly, not stopping for anyone or anything.

Likewise, I should strive to move through my life with the same determination.

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