Happy Birthday to you

Chances are, it isn’t your birthday today. (If it is, then happy birthday!)

Birthday’s are great because people do things on this special day that they wouldn’t do otherwise. Mainly, they have fun.

They’ll go out of their way to throw a party, gather with family and friends or do something that will make everybody laugh and have a good time.

So my question is, why do we limit this to people’s birthdays?

Why wait until one day of year to get out and do something amazing?

If we only treat every 365th day as special, aren’t we pretty much wasting the other 364 days? What is a birthday really if not a celebration of your life? Why not make every day special, or 10th, 50th or even 100th day?

Okay, so we can’t go out drinking or booking expensive restaurants or buying birthday gifts and cake everyday, but we can do the other main part, which is to do something amazing. It’s funny how we forget to have fun until a special day comes along to remind us to do so.

make every day special

1. Birthday. For one day of this week, pretend it’s your birthday! Do something fun and spontaneous with your friends, have a great time! (You don’t have to tell them you’re pretending it’s your birthday – they might think you’re the Mad Hatter 😀 ). It doesn’t have to be fancy – how about a movie night, or a cake-baking day, or even something really wild.

2. New Years. For some reason we suddenly decide that because it has become January we want to lose weight and get fit or read more books or quit smoking or any other kind of resolution. What’s wrong with the other months of the year? Who cares if it isn’t January, make a resolution right now to accomplish something you’ve always wanted to do.

3. Anniversary. Don’t wait for a special day to show your appreciation for someone. Do something special now for someone you care about, it could be your partner, friends, parents, kids or teacher. Write them a note or make a card or even pick some flowers thanking them for being there for you.

Don’t wait ’til you have an excuse to have fun, every day is a miracle, let’s celebrate it!

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