Moving From Home to Dorm – Part 2 : Arrival

So you’ve arrived. Now everything you own is piled up in your room, ready for you to unpack. Here are some tips on how to do it in the least time possible, so that you have the most time possible to socialise with your new room-mates.

1. Keep everything in out of the way in one corner. At first. Unpacking is going to take you a while, so if you dump everything on your bed or desk as soon as you arrive you’ll soon find yourself rearranging your un-arranged things so that you can put stuff where you’ve dumped it…get it?

2. Visualise where you want to put everything before you start.I don’t mean you have to draw out a detailed business plan about how you are going to alphabetise your books or colour code your clothes, just have a quick think about where you are going to put everything before you start, or you’ll spend hours rearranging everything afterwards when you realised that you actually want to reach your books easier from your desk or stuffing box files under your bed means you’ll have to bury under there quite often.

3. Arrange. As you unpack, put things roughly where you want them to get the main pile down. Put the bedding on the bed, clothes in the wardrobe and the books on the shelf. After most of the main pile is gone, you can start to arrange the things properly. Make your bed, sort your books (subject/alphabet etc.), organise your wardrobe (colour/type/day-nightwear etc). Don’t forget to use labels wherever you can to remind you where things are in boxes and folders.

4. Keep everything in it’s place but be flexible. Over the next few days, weeks and months to keep everything in it’s place as best you can. Keep everything organised whilst you’re working. A quick five minute clean-up every night is ideal. It will keep you relaxed if you know where everything is. But be prepared to move things around if things aren’t working out for you. Don’t be stuck with things in awkward places because you ‘can’t be bothered’. For example, if you have a few minutes, look around and think carefully if there’s a way to organise say, your wardrobe to be more space saving.

5. Relax. After all your hard work, sit back and relax. Have a good look around, this is where you’ll be spending the next year. Relish your first moment of independence. Once you’re done, if you haven’t already go outside and meet your room-mates.

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