Why You Love The Things You Love

Last month, it snowed. A lot. This photo was the view outside my dorm. It had been piling up for a few days, and got pretty deep. One morning, I was rushing to university when I very nearly fell flat on my face. Thankfully I saved my dignity by doing an ungracious twirl with about the skill of a ballerina with two left feet. Luckily, I was with a friend to laugh it off with.

Just a few minutes before I had been complaining about how sick of the snow I had become. That’s when I realised.

The good things in life, the things we love and enjoy, we cherish them because they don’t come around very often.

Even the little things that pass us by everyday without us noticing.

We play in the snow like kids and have snowball fights because the roads and gardens are only covered in a beautiful white blanket of snow once a year, if that.

We feel a bit superhuman when we manage to pass a green light, or reach the crossing just when the green man shows, only because most of the time it is red.

We bathe in the sun, have picnics and go for walks in the summer because it’s hot, and because it’s not summer all year around.

We can’t help smiling when our favourite song comes on the radio, because most of the time they’re playing something else.

We laugh when someone tells a good joke, because it’s hard to find a good one you haven’t heard before.

We love weekends, because they come less often than weekdays.

We love our mother’s cooking because there is only one place you can have it, at home.

We love our friends and partners because there is nobody else in the world quite like them.

How often do we forget to celebrate these tiny victories?

We can’t have our favourite dessert all day everyday because then it wouldn’t be our favourite any more. We love the things we love, because we don’t have them very much or often. That’s what makes them special.

Minimalism is about having fewer things – so we can cherish each and every one of them. Appreciate their usefulness, design, durability, versatility and value.

Did something happen to you today that made you smile?

Inspired by 1000 Awesome things blog

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