How you see

Life doesn’t get better or worse, just how you see it does.

We all experience bad things in our lives, some worse than others. Some problems we have are minor and some are quite life changing. But whilst we’re concentrating on the our failures, mistakes or heck even natural disasters, sometimes we forget that good things can also shape who we are.

It’s easier to focus on the bad things because they stir up drama and anger which are easier to build upon. Problems pushes all of our buttons and if we make them out to be worse than they really are, it can make other people feel sorry for us.

It’s easy to believe that unpleasant things define who we are, makes us stronger people, but that’s not always the case. It’s how we deal with them, and how we move on which really builds character.

Focussing on good things that happen to us, no matter how little they may be, cultivates a positive attitude that is the basis of all the good things we really want in life, reliable friends and family, amazing opportunities, a job we love and most importantly, self confidence.

I’m not saying all you have to do is put on some rose-tinted glasses and everything would be fine. Just that we should step back and be aware of which side, the good or the bad, that we are placing the most emphasis on and thinking about the kind of effects it has on the rest of our lives.

If you think about all of the lonely superstars who appear to have everything vs. kids who live in village huts with smiles on their faces, you might be able to see that it isn’t our financial circumstances that decide how good life is. Our attitude towards it is worth more than a million bucks if we use it right.

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